from heart and hand vol. II

ออกวันที่: 2562.09.01
ภาษา: อังกฤษ

This book consists of a selection of teachings that I post twice-weekly on a social media platform. As I limit the teaching to a single hand-written page my intention has not been to provide detailed expositions of the Dhamma. The format does, however lend itself to concise summaries, observations and topics for reflection. My intention has been that these pages be of benefit to all those with limited time at their disposal, but who appreciate Buddhist 'food for the heart'.

I would like to express my appreciation to Panyaprateep Foundation and all those who have played a part in producing this book for free distribution, and thereby making its content available to a wider audience. May the virtues of the Triple Gem guide and protect you all.

Ajahn Jayasaro